California Bloom 2023, watercolor entirely realized by hand on an iPad Pro and MacBook Pro 16 using a live watercolor program from Escape Motions called Rebelle 6 Pro, the only of its kind to have mastered in real time the actions available in the physics of natural watercolors: flowing water, water weight, water drying, granulation, natural pigment blending, coarse natural cotton cold-pressed watercolor paper, gravity, dripping, glazing etc... truly miraculous and exactly as if I had done it in an analog fashion.  Designed to be printed on a maximum size of 37.30 by 20.36 inch at 300 dpi either with the digital paper used or transparent for giclée printing (artist prints) on fine art treated cold-pressed watercolor paper.  I have printed it also for fun full size on plain poster paper mounted on foam board at Kinko which reproduces in Laserjet the full gamut of Apple RGB you can see here, spectacular, surprising, amazing.  Downloadable at full size in Assets.

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