Exercise 2, following the actual steps from a traditional watercolor tutorial, but using Rebelle 3 on the iMac with an iPad Pro 12.9 and Apple Pencil at tablet, this amazing program animates the motion of water on watercolor paper simultaneously as you paint, done here in layers, what we watercolorist call glazes.  The water actually "reacts" to the texture of this "cold-pressed watercolor paper" which can be altered for both size of incremental teeth on paper and level of absorbency...  unfortunately the amount of computer resources gets gobbled up fast with all these different moving parts in process leading to not so infrequent crashes as the project becomes more realistically sized for museum quality prints.  The Rebelle team tells me they are working on streamlining their code for speed and efficiency, but still, nobody else is actually doing this yet.  I have been amazed!
Another traditional watercolor tutorial done step by step (layers/glazes, wet on wet) with Rebelle 3 on iMac using iPad Pro and Apple Pencil as tablet, here Cherry Blossoms, a metaphor for the impermanence of all things beautiful.
My first exercise playing around with Rebelle 3's amazing dripping feature, wet pigment freshly dropped into a wet area on paper drifts in the direction you choose, or gathers at the edge of the wet area, and then starts to drip, in the adjusted direction, thinness and length of individual random drips that you tweak prior to starting, or as you go, plus a blow tool that can redirect the water while painting just like you would with your own breath...  really amazing, who does that kind of coding but Rebelle 3, or, a youthful team of talented Slovaks (and yes, cute too!). And look how brilliantly the different "pigments" blend, just like luminous transparent high quality watercolors!
Again, Rebelle 3... Frankly I can't wait for Adobe's soon to come Fresco which claims to do this on an iPad!  Anybody using a beta version out there?
Palm Springs Bougainvillea, also done with Rebelle 3, 16 by 11 at 400 dpi for on demand artist prints.

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